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Adrienne Samuels Gibbs appointed interim Senior Editor of Newcity

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ASG headshotNewcity is pleased to report that Adrienne Samuels Gibbs has joined our staff as interim Senior Editor. In this role, Adrienne will oversee features, covers as well as the eight section editors that comprise our editorial staff—essentially all the copy that makes up the publication.
Adrienne is a Pulitzer-nominated writer and editor with a background in cultural analysis, urban affairs and the arts. She has published in Vice, Essence, Chicago, the Chicago Sun-Times, Ebony, The Miami Herald and The Boston Globe.  A native Chicagoan, she is a proud graduate of both Morgan Park High School and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.  She lives on the South Side with her husband and sons and, when she takes a break from words, can often be found playing the piano in her living room. Find her on Twitter @adriennewrites.

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Newcity Interim Senior Editor

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As you may know, Newcity is producing a movie, Signature Move, which is planning principal photography in Chicago this June. This means that Brian Hieggelke will be working on set and in pre-production for a month or two, and we need a topnotch editor to step in and help keep Newcity magazine operating at the highest levels during this time. The ideal candidate would be outstanding at conceiving and vetting feature story ideas, including cover stories, and working closely with writers to bring manuscripts to publishable quality; writing compelling headlines, and working closely with our eight section editors to keep everything operating smoothly. The ideal candidate would possess all of these qualities, as well as extraordinary organization and attention to details as it relates to story planning and overseeing all copy before it publishes. The super-ideal candidate would also have a strong visual sense that might be manifest in working with designers and illustrators. Hours are somewhat TBD, but we anticipate starting part-time immediately, with responsibilities and time commitment increasing to their highest levels in May and June. To apply, send a cover-letter email and links to relevant stories written to brian@newcity.com. Newcity is an equal opportunity employer with a keen interest in diversity and inclusive hiring.

Toni Nealie appointed Lit Editor of Newcity

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Toni Nealie/Photo: Bruce Sheridan

Toni Nealie/Photo: Bruce Sheridan

Newcity is pleased to report that Toni Nealie has joined our staff as Lit Editor. In this role, Toni will take the lead in planning and executing Newcity’s coverage of Chicago’s increasingly vibrant literary culture.

Toni Nealie is a creative nonfiction writer who also writes about writing, and teaches writing and media classes in Chicago. Her first collection of essays, The Miles Between Me, is forthcoming from Curbside Splendor and her work has appeared in Newcity, Guernica, The Rumpus, The Offing, The Prague Revue and elsewhere. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, a Certificate of Journalism and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Originally from New Zealand, she has worked in journalism and public relations in Auckland, London, Singapore and Chicago. Read the rest of this entry »

Kevin Greene appointed Assistant Theater Editor of Newcity

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kevingreeneNewcity is pleased to report that Kevin Greene has joined our staff as Assistant Theater Editor. In this role, Kevin will take the lead in planning and executing Newcity’s coverage of Chicago’s vibrant theater, comedy and opera worlds. A playwright, critic, musician, and armchair psychologist, Kevin is thrilled to join the editorial staff at Newcity. Getting his start as a film critic for Tiny Mixtapes, Kevin has since regularly published his thoughts on theater, film, television and Kanye West. His writing has appeared in The Red Herring, The Caledonian-Record, Chicago Stage Standard and Chicago Innerview Magazine. Additionally, Kevin has worked as Public Relations Manager for The Wulfden where two of his short plays have been produced.

All pitches for coverage should be sent to Kevin at kevin@newcity.com.

Elliot Reichert appointed Art Editor of Newcity

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Art editor Elliot Reichert.Newcity is pleased to announce that Elliot J. Reichert has joined our staff as Art Editor. In this role, Elliot will take the lead in planning and executing Newcity’s coverage of Chicago’s dynamic visual arts terrain with exhibition reviews, art news and profiles of artists, curators and other influencers. Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrate Newcity’s Detroit Issue at the House vs. Techno Brunch, Hosted by MOCAD on July 5th

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Newcity and MOCAD's Detroit Issue Release PartyNewcity is dedicating its July 2nd issue to the Motor City, and we’re going to celebrate two great American cities in this special edition of MOCAD’s weekly brunch.

DJ Rich Wilhite will spin the urban love in a mix of house and techno, two great music forms born in these two great cities.

The brunch will be held at Café 78 at MOCAD (4454 Woodard Avenue, Detroit) on July 5th, from 11 am – 5 pm. Contemporary leaders of the Detroit electronic music club community create the sonic ambience while guests enjoy classic cocktails, an array of Anthology coffee drinks, and a menu of seasonal food specialties curated by James Beard Award-nominated chef Marc Djozlija. Plus, the MOCAD galleries are open!

Ben Schulman appointed Design Editor of Newcity

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AIA_1637Newcity is pleased to report that Ben Schulman has joined our staff as Design Editor. In this role, Ben will take the lead in planning and executing Newcity’s coverage of Chicago’s Chicago’s spectacular design culture in home, architecture, fashion and graphic and product design.

A transplanted New Yorker-via-Los-Angeles, Schulman is the communications director for the Chicago chapter of The American Institute of Architects, editor of Chicago Architect magazine and a writer on urban affairs. Previously, Schulman was the communications director for the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU). Read the rest of this entry »

Newcity Assistant Editor-Design Opening

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Newcity seeks an assistant editor to work directly with the editor in building on the foundation of design coverage in Newcity. This is a paid, part-time position, approximately twenty hours a month.

Design, which incorporates architecture and the built environment, and home, fashion, graphic and product design, is a central interest in the lives of our readers. Yet few if any publications give it the attention it deserves, and those that do cover it approach it from a consumerist perspective. We’re more interested in it as an artistic and social practice, with implications for the city and culture at large.

It’s an exciting time to be thinking about design in Chicago, one of the great world centers in its practice.
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You Can Print This: A Case for Analog Media

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The Case For Print 11-15-14.003

On Saturday, November 15, 2014, Newcity editor and co-publisher Brian Hieggelke was invited to address the Arts Club of Chicago as part of its ongoing “Case” series. What follows is a transcript of his remarks.

Back in the nineties, I was convinced that the future was grim for print publications. That the impending digital revolution would be wholly transformative, and that to not do something about it would not only be financial suicide, but would leave me on the outside looking in at the greatest technological, social, cultural, political and lifestyle revolution perhaps in history. So I decided to bet the ranch as they say and pour every bit of profit we made, and every bit of future profit I could borrow, into creating a network around the digital transformation of alternative newspapers, as publications like Newcity were then called.

I logged thousands of miles by plane and by car over those years in pursuing this mission, visiting publications from Vermont to New Orleans and many parts in between. And I frequented many an industry conference in those years, primarily organized around daily newspapers and their digital endeavors. It was a regular occurrence at those conferences, held in the days before tablets and smartphones, for some industry leader to get up and to smugly summarize the irrefutable case for print: You Can’t Take Your Computer Into the Bathroom and as long as that was the case, print would survive.

I could not help but chuckle when I heard this; these folks had such diminutive aspirations for the products they were devoting their lives to. 

A recent study called “IT in the Toilet” found that 75 percent of us admit to using our phones in the bathroom, for calls, texts, social media and so on. Sounds like the core argument in favor of print, as distasteful as it was, has been flushed away by time.

I’ve been thinking a long time about the role of print in a digital world, and hope that my observations today will not be so disposable. Read the rest of this entry »

Robert Rodi appointed Assistant Music Editor of Newcity

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RR2011Newcity is pleased to report that Robert Rodi has joined our staff as Assistant Music Editor. In this role, Robert will take the lead in planning and executing Newcity’s coverage of Chicago’s extensive and energetic live music scene. Robert writes fiction and nonfiction and has authored ten books; he’s published arts criticism in Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, salon.com and Newcity, and blogged about Chicago music for Huffington Post.

He’s also active on the music scene as the host of Robert Rodi & Friends, a monthly jazz jam session, and as the front man of the prog rock band 7th Kind. In December he begins a residency at Uncommon Ground on Devon, where he’ll host a monthly Sunday jazz night. He holds a BA in Communication from Rollins College. Robert is a Chicago native, and lives on the North Side with his partner and a constantly shifting number of dogs. Read the rest of this entry »