Nobody values Chicago’s vibrant arts scene more than we do. Not only do arts and culture form the foundation of Newcity’s editorial coverage and our advertising revenue, but we’re passionate consumers of everything we cover on a personal level. Arts are our life.

We know how tough these economic times are for everyone, and want to do what we can to help. So we’ve created a program to use our media resources in print and online to help you with your fund-raising, and we’re calling it Newcity Hearts Arts. Basically, it’s a way to extend the reach of your fund-raisers to our audience, in hopes of expanding your base of supporters.

Here are the details:

Leading up to your event, Newcity will offer quarter-page color advertisements in print, in one or more issues, as well as digital advertising including leaderboard banners, email newsletter ads, social media, and a special Newcity Hearts Arts section on our web site to our selected partners. We prefer that you provide materials ready for publication, but do have complimentary in-house design services when necessary.

Qualifying Advertising: Since we rely on your event advertising to fund our basic operations, this program will not apply to your regular programming. Instead, it is intended to apply to special fund-raising events. Please do not promote regular events in complimentary fund-raising ads.

Priorities: We won’t be able to work with everyone. Though we reserve the right to exercise our discretion in making our choices, we’re going to prioritize nonprofits who’ve advertised with Newcity within the past year or so. Because if not for you, we would not exist and be able to do this.

Recognition: We’d like to be accorded recognition in the program and other relevant materials commensurate with our in-kind contribution, which we will value for you in advance. In addition, if appropriate within the range of this contribution, we’d appreciate the offer of complimentary tickets to your fund-raiser for Newcity’s leadership.

Competitive Issues: We’ve created this program with the knowledge that few, if any, fund-raisers have advertising budgets. However, if you do have an advertising budget for a fund-raiser, we ask that you spend at least a part of it with Newcity and we’ll extend it with this program. As a general principle, we don’t want to subsidize our competitors at our own expense!

If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, please let us know as soon as possible and include, if known, event details including date(s). We’ll respond shortly with our ability to support it. Email us at

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