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The Players: Returning January 20 to Chicago’s stage

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Newcity is pleased to announce the return of our biggest performing arts issue of the year, The Players: Chicago’s leading performers.

Once again, we’ll be chronicling the many behind-the-scenes individuals who bring Chicago theater, dance, opera, comedy and performance to life. It’s an insight into the inner workings of Chicago’s arts culture that you can’t find anywhere else, any time.

It will be an issue that lovers of the stage cannot miss.

If you have not reserved space, please do so. This edition will reach Chicago’s most avid supporters of the performing arts, not to mention that your investment will help support Newcity’s ongoing increase in coverage at a time when everyone else is stepping back. And it is timed to serve as a winter/spring preview of sorts, hitting as most of the second half of the season is just getting underway.

Our performing arts rates are quite reasonable, even for color ads. Please reserve space by next Friday, January 14. Artwork is due Monday, January 17.

Click here to read the last three editions of The Players

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