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Newcity’s Breakout Artists Publishes May 1

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042513Newcity’s May 1 issue—”Breakout Artists: Chicago’s Next Generation of Image Makers”—will be our eleventh annual edition devoted to showcasing Chicago’s top emerging artists. This issue of Newcity is well established as the early indicator of the art world’s future superstars.

So who should advertise in this issue? Well anyone connected to the art world, either as an exhibition venue, a teacher of art or as a seller of art, of course. But beyond that, anyone interested in connecting to culture in its most exuberant form, or reaching the consumers of art—often the most demographically desirable of all—whether to offer them a place to eat, to shop, or to have a cocktail. Read the rest of this entry »

Newcity’s Big Heat 50 Publishes April 17: The Dining & Drinking Cultural Leaders of Chicago

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081513Newcity is pleased to announce the return of our chronicle of the movers and shakers in Chicago’s food and drink scene, The Big Heat: Chicago’s Food + Drink 50.

As part of our Leaders of Chicago Culture Series, this edition will identify and celebrate the creative individuals—the chefs, the mixologists, etc.—who bring Chicago’s culinary and cocktail culture to life. (Click here to see last year’s edition, which focused on the behind-the-scenes folks.)

Please reserve space by Wednesday, April 9. Artwork is due Friday, April 11. Read the rest of this entry »

Newcity’s Design 50 to Publish March 20

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032113Last year’s debut of Design 50 marked one of the most successful launches in Newcity history.

This year, we plan to top it.

Last year we pointed to the behind-the-scenes folks, the power. This time around, Newcity will document the leading creative forces in Chicago’s fashion, home—both architecture and interior—and product design worlds, when we publish this edition of our Leaders of Chicago Culture Series on March 20. Read the rest of this entry »

Web Designer Wanted

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Newcity has an immediate opening for a part-time/freelance web designer to work with us in designing for a WordPress platform (Genesis framework experience a plus). Creativity, dependability, accuracy and congeniality are core values to us; if they are to you, you’ll flourish. Most, if not all, of the work will be done remotely. To apply, write to brian@newcity.com and tell me about yourself; send a link to your digital portfolio and let me know if you have minimum pay expectations. Please elaborate on your software capabilities. Do not call. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Newcity Custom Publishing Opportunity: UChicago Arts Spring 2014 Edition

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UChicago Arts: A quarterly guide to arts & culture at the University of Chicago

Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood flourishes with life in the spring, and its artistic vitality is reflected in UChicago Arts, a quarterly guide to concerts, exhibitions, lectures, plays, screenings, performances and more at the University of Chicago.

From the Logan Center and the Arts Incubator to Court Theatre and the Smart Museum, the University of Chicago is home to renowned arts destinations, and world-class artists and emerging creators alike. This is the first publication covering the full range of UChicago Arts, and the best chance to reach this intellectually and culturally engaged audience.  Read the rest of this entry »

Newcity Custom Publishing Opportunity: Music Box Theatre Spring Edition

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MusicBoxWinterp01A sensational way to reach Lakeview’s residents and Chicago’s film lovers.

As one of Chicago’s premier art-film exhibitors, the Music Box Theatre is Lakeview’s leading cultural venue, drawing visitors from around the city on a daily basis. With an active three-month user life, the events-centric calendar is printed as a pocket-sized magazine (48 pages, 5.375 inches wide by 8.375 inches tall) and functions as both a visitors guide to the venue as well as a marketing tool for neighboring and citywide businesses and events.

Distribution: 30,000 circulation includes comprehensive reach of Music Box patrons, plus standalone distribution to more than 200 locations, including local hospitality, retail, restaurant and dedicated news boxes.

Publication Date: February 28

Space Deadline: February 7

Artwork Deadline: February 10 Read the rest of this entry »

The State of Newcity: 2014

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BoCAs we prepare the publish the twenty-eighth anniversary edition of Newcity on February 6, we wanted to share with our friends, colleagues and partners some good news about the year just concluded and some thoughts on our plans for this year underway.

2013 was a terrific year for Newcity, the best by any measure since the nineties. Overall revenues increased more than forty percent over 2012, of which digital was up seventy-five percent but remains a relatively small but important part of our financial picture. Our growth engine in 2013 was good old-fashioned print, both in our core publication Newcity and in a mostly new category for us, custom publishing, which grew dramatically last year.

Though we’ve had a hand in custom publishing for the arts since we started publishing the official guide to the city’s major art fair in 2007 (EXPO Chicago, and previously Art Chicago), in 2013 it became a bona fide business for us. In addition to EXPO Chicago’s official guide, we now publish two quarterlies—the program guide to the city’s landmark Music Box Theatre and a newly launched magazine called UChicago Arts, which is a beautiful expression of the exploding arts culture at the University of Chicago. And last year we teamed up with Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events to publish the official guide to Chicago Artists Month, a relationship we have high hopes for going forward. Read the rest of this entry »

The Players 50 Take the Newcity Stage on January 23

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012113Newcity is pleased to announce the return of our biggest performing arts issue of the year, The Players: Chicago’s leading performers.

And Newcity’s momentum going into this issue is stronger than it’s been in decades, coming off our strongest revenue growth last year since our early days, and a print circulation increase (yes, increase) of ten percent.

We’ll be chronicling the artistic forces who bring Chicago theater, dance, opera, comedy and performance to life. It’s an insight into Chicago’s arts culture that you can’t find anywhere else, any time.

It will be an issue that lovers of the stage cannot miss. Read the rest of this entry »

Why delivering Newcity is the perfect gig in the freelance economy

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One day, usually every other Wednesday, we rent vehicles and deliver Newcity to just under a thousand locations around Chicago and Evanston. The steady, regular work has proven to be a solid gig for several of our longtime drivers who are musicians by trade—with some doing this as long as fifteen years. 

Why does this work for them?

It’s a concentrated (one long day), regular batch of work and income

It’s physical but not unduly taxing, offering a respite from a too-often sedentary life

It’s a way to engage, face to face, with the city around us in a time of increasing digital isolation. Drivers are in and out of vehicles breathing fresh (well, Chicago) air; interacting with shopkeepers and getting to know parts of the city in great detail. 

It’s a way to contribute to a publication you read, with a mission you believe in. (If you don’t, forget the rest: this is not for you.) Read the rest of this entry »

Life 101: Newcity’s Annual Education and Reinvention Issue Coming January 9

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010713Each January, we publish Life 101, an issue dedicated to education and personal reinvention based on the theme “Change Your Life.”  From the casual—a cooking or dance class, a new workout regime, a topical forum—to continuing ed and degree programs, especially advanced degrees, we seek to offer a sophisticated and useful approach to the universal goal of self-improvement. (In general, we’re targeting an adult population, not pre-college high school kids.)

Other fair game for this edition includes personal health and wellbeing, life coaching and all the other ways we seek to better ourselves.

If education and self-improvement is part, or all, of your mission, we hope you’ll engage with us as we endeavor to create a truly special issue. You won’t connect with a finer audience of voracious knowledge seekers anywhere, we guarantee that. Read the rest of this entry »