Newcity Custom Publishing: UChicago Arts Fall Edition

UChiArtsSpring14CoverUChicago Arts: A quarterly guide to arts & culture at the University of Chicago

After its summer hibernation, Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood explodes back to  life in the fall with new and returning students, professors and other folks crowding its streets. This, combined with the traditional start of the arts season in the fall, sees it full manifestation in the dynamic pages of UChicago Arts, a quarterly guide to concerts, exhibitions, lectures, plays, screenings, performances and more at the University of Chicago.

From the Logan Center and the Arts Incubator to Court Theatre and the Smart Museum, the University of Chicago is home to renowned arts destinations, and world-class artists and emerging creators alike. This is the first publication covering the full range of UChicago Arts, and the best chance to reach this intellectually and culturally engaged audience.  Continue reading

Newcity Custom Publishing: Official Guide to Chicago Artists Month (DCASE)

001_ChicagoArtistsMonthWe’re again partnering with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) to produce the official guide to Chicago Artists Month, which takes place all around the city throughout the month of October, some 300-plus events in all. The guide takes the form of a 32-page glossy magazine, filled with details about events taking place throughout the city and the month, along with dynamic photos of a diverse group of featured artists.

Sixty thousand copies of the publication will be inserted into the September 18 Art 50 edition of Newcity, street-teamed to select locations around Chicago, and, of course, available at all of the city’s key cultural and tourist properties, including the Chicago Cultural Center. Not to mention the hundreds of neighborhood partners for Chicago Artists Month. Continue reading

Newcity’s Big Art Issue Publishes September 4

090513Next week marks the biggest night/weekend of art openings of the year. And to prepare audiences, Newcity brings the Big Art Issue. Not only will we publish our usual mix of reviews and features, and run down a list of the openings, but we’re once again turning this issue of Newcity into an artists’ project itself.

Last year’s “Hijacking the Newspaper” project was the talk of the art world. Don’t miss out on this year’s conversation.

Continue reading

Fall Forward, Newcity’s Guide to the New Season, publishes August 28

082913Fall is coming—though for many of us, it’s here already.

As the publication of record for Chicago culture, a big part of our August is the creation of the annual bible of fall events planning, Fall Forward, wherein we cull the very best, the most essential events of the new season for our audience. Not to mention, new restaurant and bar openings, and a survey of the upcoming season in design.

Do we even need to say there is no better place to advertise a fall event? Of course not. But remember, not only will our audience be lining up for all the shows and openings, but we’ll be meeting friends for drinks, or grabbing dinner, before or after the show. So bars and restos? Miss this one at your own peril.

Of course, before we even head out the door, we’ll need to swap our swimsuits and flip-flops for more suitable attire, not to mention trade in the shaggy, sun-bleached look we’ve been sporting for a ready-for-primetime coif. Fashion boutiques? Salons? Get the picture? We hope so. Continue reading

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Newcity Custom Publishing: Music Box Theatre Fall 2014 Edition


A blockbuster way to reach Lakeview’s residents and Chicago’s film lovers.

As one of Chicago’s premier art-film exhibitors, the Music Box Theatre is Lakeview’s leading cultural venue, drawing visitors from around the city on a daily basis. With an active three-month user life, the events-centric calendar is printed as a pocket-sized magazine (32 pages, 5.375 inches wide by 8.375 inches tall) and functions as both a visitors guide to the venue as well as a marketing tool for neighboring and citywide businesses and events.

Distribution: 30,000 circulation includes comprehensive reach of Music Box patrons, plus standalone distribution to more than 200 locations, including local hospitality, retail, restaurant and dedicated news boxes.

Publication Date: August 29

Space Deadline: August 14

Artwork Deadline: August 18 Continue reading