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Newcity Custom Introduces Downtown Distribution With the Chicago Culture Box

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This January, Newcity Custom introduces enhanced downtown distribution with our new Chicago Culture box. These dedicated slots add a new dimension to Newcity Custom’s  distribution strategy for partnering publications, allowing for dedicated distribution in approximately half of the 100+ multiracks downtown (Loop + Magnificent Mile). The Chicago Culture box supplements our existing street-teaming locations in the Loop and Magnificent Mile, allowing us to deliver up to an additional 10,000 copies of partner publications downtown.


The State of Newcity (On the Occasion of our 30th Anniversary): 2016

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With our next issue, the first of February, we’ll mark our thirtieth anniversary.

Back when we published our first issue, on our first deadline as the 1985 Bears were wrapping up the Super Bowl, “30” in journalism meant the end, as in the end of a story, a typographical cue sent from writer to editor. It was a  tradition dating back, it is believed, to the era of the telegraph when a similar code told the operator a message had ended.

Accordingly, the number has some foreboding metaphorical qualities for a publisher, especially in these times. But I am pleased to report that while the typographic usage is now dead, print continues to thrive at Newcity.

And so our upcoming anniversary issue is not a nostalgic look back. Instead, we’ll use our perspective on the changes in Chicago on our watch, and think about what it might be thirty years hence. We’re calling it “Chicago 2046: Visions for a New City,” and are aiming to have thirty distinct voices, many of them cultural or community leaders, contribute to that prognostication.

While thirty years is a meaningful milestone in the life of any business, it’s perhaps especially noteworthy that we, as Newcity’s founders, remain at the helm and fully committed to its future, and that most of our children are increasingly involved in that future. Read the rest of this entry »

Toni Nealie appointed Lit Editor of Newcity

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Toni Nealie/Photo: Bruce Sheridan

Toni Nealie/Photo: Bruce Sheridan

Toni Nealie is a creative nonfiction writer who also writes about writing, and teaches writing and media classes in Chicago. Her first collection of essays, The Miles Between Me, is forthcoming from Curbside Splendor and her work has appeared in Newcity, Guernica, The Rumpus, The Offing, The Prague Revue and elsewhere. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, a Certificate of Journalism and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Originally from New Zealand, she has worked in journalism and public relations in Auckland, London, Singapore and Chicago. Read the rest of this entry »

2016’s Players 50 Take the Newcity Stage on January 14

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Players 2015Newcity is pleased to announce the return of our biggest performing arts issue of the year, Players: The Fifty People Who Really Perform in Chicago.

In this year’s edition, we’ll chronicle the creative forces who bring Chicago theater, dance, opera, comedy and performance to life. It’s an insight into Chicago’s performing arts culture that you can’t find anywhere else, any time.

It will be an issue that lovers of the stage cannot miss.

It’s also the first in Newcity’s 2016 Leaders of Culture series – as the publication of record for Chicago culture, these editions seek to showcase Chicago’s cultural life through its leaders across the city’s creative fields.

If you have not reserved advertising space, please do so. This edition will reach Chicago’s most avid supporters of the performing arts, and your investment will help support Newcity’s ongoing increase in coverage. The issue is an ideal vehicle for promoting your winter/spring performances, as its timing coincides with the beginning of the second half of the season. Read the rest of this entry »

Newcity Custom: Music Box Theatre Guide, February-March Edition

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A blockbuster way to reach Lakeview residents and Chicago cinephilesMusic Box December 2015 Cover

The Music Box Theatre, Chicago’s premier venue for independent and foreign films, brings sophisticated cultural audiences and decidated Lakeview residents through its doors for its cinema programming and stylish lounge with bar. Local businesses and film institutions can reach these audiences by advertising in the Music Box Theatre’s bi-monthly magazine guide.

With an active two-month user life, the events-centric calendar is printed as a pocket-sized magazine (5.375 inches wide by 8.375 inches tall) and functions as both a visitors guide to the venue as well as a marketing tool for neighboring and citywide businesses and events.

Distribution: 30,000 circulation includes comprehensive reach of Music Box patrons, plus standalone distribution to more than 200 locations, including local hospitality, retail, restaurant and dedicated news boxes. Read the rest of this entry »

Kevin Greene appointed Assistant Theater Editor of Newcity

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kevingreeneNewcity is pleased to report that Kevin Greene has joined our staff as Assistant Theater Editor. In this role, Kevin will take the lead in planning and executing Newcity’s coverage of Chicago’s vibrant theater, comedy and opera worlds. A playwright, critic, musician, and armchair psychologist, Kevin is thrilled to join the editorial staff at Newcity. Getting his start as a film critic for Tiny Mixtapes, Kevin has since regularly published his thoughts on theater, film, television and Kanye West. His writing has appeared in The Red Herring, The Caledonian-Record, Chicago Stage Standard and Chicago Innerview Magazine. Additionally, Kevin has worked as Public Relations Manager for The Wulfden where two of his short plays have been produced.

All pitches for coverage should be sent to Kevin at kevin@newcity.com.

Newcity’s Year End Super Issue Publishes December 17

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Super Issue 2014Newcity’s ending the year with a bang—our annual Super Issue closes out the year by combining our Top 5 of Everything, the beloved feature that chronicles the year’s top movies, music, books, plays and more, with our Holiday Movie Guide, which gives our audience a trusted overview of the crowded cinema season.

As the final issue of the year, it also reaches our affluent, city audience leading up to both the end of the holiday shopping season and preparations for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

So if you want to end your year with a bang of your own, the Super Issue is the place to make your end-of-year impact.

Issue Date: December 17 Read the rest of this entry »

Presents, Newcity’s Guide to the Holiday Season, Publishes December 3

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Presents 2014Presents is our annual guide to the holiday season, where we deliver an authentically warm, funny, and sometimes dark perspective on the season in Chicago.

Who should advertise?

Destination retail, including museum gift shops, who rely on a busy holiday season and have a great story to tell our large, city-based and affluent audience;

Theaters, dance companies and cultural institutions who produce special shows for the season;

Restaurants, who would like to feed our audience,  as they look for sustenance and conviviality after shopping or on their way to hoiday stage performances;

Artists and gallerists looking to reach collectors before the holidays, or organize or participate in art- or artisan-driven local gift fairs;

Fashion retailers, who want to sell holiday party pieces to our audience members to wear to holiday gatherings or cultural events.

In other words, anyone who wants to make things happen in this holiday season. Read the rest of this entry »

Newcity Custom: UChicago Arts Magazine, Winter 2016 Edition

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UChicago Arts Fall 2015

Following UChicago’s holiday break, Hyde Park comes to life with students, professors and neighborhood visitors crowding its streets.

Many of these visitors are drawn to the neighborhood by the University of Chicago’s distinguished cultural offerings. From the Logan Center and the Arts Incubator to Court Theatre and the Smart Museum, the University of Chicago is home to renowned arts destinations, and world-class artists and emerging creators alike.

UChicago Arts: A quarterly guide to arts & culture at the University of Chicago

UChicago Arts is the face of the university’s cultural world, and the UChicago Arts magazine offers an unparalleled opportunity to reach the elite cultural audience its programs serve.

The UChicago Arts publication is printed in a magazine format, with a press run of 56,000 copies that will be inserted into the January 16-31 The Players: The 50 leading characters in theater, dance, comedy & opera/Life 101 edition of Newcity, street-teamed to select locations around Chicago and, of course, available at all of the University of Chicago’s key cultural venues. Read the rest of this entry »

Join the Music Box This Holiday Season

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A blockbuster way to reach Lakeview residents and Chicago cinephilesMBWinter14_Cover

The Music Box Theatre reaches its peak attendance during the holiday season, when the theater becomes a magnet for festive families, holiday moviegoers, and regular patrons alike. Local businesses and film institutions alike can join in the Music Box’s holiday fever by advertising in the the theatre’s bi-monthly magazine guide.

With a two-month user life, the events-centric guide is printed as a pocket-sized magazine (32 pages, 5.375 inches wide by 8.375 inches tall) and functions as both a visitors guide to the venue as well as a marketing tool for neighboring and citywide businesses and events.

Distribution: 30,000 circulation includes comprehensive reach of Music Box patrons, plus standalone distribution to more than 200 locations, including local hospitality, retail, restaurant and dedicated news boxes.

Publication Date: November 19

Space Deadline: November 6 (or when sold out)

Artwork Deadline: November 11

Advertisers Get:
Print ad (quarterly theater attendance estimated at 35,000)

Listing on MusicBoxTheatre.com (170,000 unique visitors over three-month ad cycle) in partners section and in rotation on home page

Available advertising is limited and is expected to sell out before deadline.